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Flexible Cell Phone Holder

Hurry! Almost sold out!
  • 1 x Purple
  • 2 x Blue
  • HANG IT ON! This is an adorable stickman design cell phone holder with a malleable, bendable hook as the head. It has two stretching arms with hands and two jutting legs with upturned feet. Just hang it anywhere to hold your phone.
  • GOOD COMPATIBILITY. A hands-free cellphone holder that is adjustable and flexible silicone made phone holder compatible with most phones.
  • HANDS FREE. It can be conveniently hanged on anywhere while you use your cell phone. It can be hanged in your car while driving as a GPS navigator, in the bathroom, kitchen or in your room when watching videos or playing music. You can also hang it while charging your phone if the charger cable is too short. Hands free and convenient!
  • MULTIFUNCTIONAL. This silicone holder is very flexible that allows you to bend it any way you want. It not just only allows you to hang your phone, you can also use it a desktop stand for your phone. It can also hold other items like keys, notepad, books, earphones and etc. It’s more than just a cell phone holder.
  • SAFE and SECURE. This is a unique flexible cell phone holder made of high quality malleable silicon designed for holding your phone and avoids your phone from dropping and moving.

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